CPA Recommendations for Tacoma

2 Replies | Tacoma, Washington

Can anyone reccomend a good CPA in Tacoma? I've called a few, they say they work with landlords, but without using them for a bit, I have no idea who is really on top of their game.

Hey James, lots of great options here on BP. It's often better to have someone specialized than local. Everything can be done virtually these days. I actually just left the Seattle area and every CPA firm I worked for there said we worked with landlords- but what that meant was we filed the reutrns based on the numbesr you handed over in January. 

There was no planning or strategy, you try to explain a subject 2 deal and their eyes glazed over lol I'd recommend talking to a few people on here and seeing who is a good fit for you. 

You should also reach out to @James Marszalek if you need an amazing agent in the south end. 

Hi @James Krusmark , I'd recommend looking into Anderson Business Advisors, they combine CPA and legal services in one firm and they specialize in strategy for real estate investors. I have been using them for a couple years now, they are definitely top tier. They have an office in Tacoma so they know WA law, taxes, etc but most of their operations have moved to their Las Vegas hq. Hope that helps!