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Good evening Milwaukee investors,

I am originally from Milwaukee, WI., and I am looking into using my VA loan to get financing on a 4-plex for househacking. I will be back in the area towards the end off the year. Id love to network and speak to the local investors about the market and possibly see what business ventures may come. Thank you in advance.

welcome back home

Please feel free to reach out when you are back in milwaukee or even prior to. For my strategy, the market condition doesn't sway me in one direction or the others, I let my analysis dictate my decision process.

Keep in touch.

I would recommend staying connected to @dawn.anastasi as she has been extremely helpful since I joined BP.

Originally posted by @Dave Carpenter :

@Cordell Hinton-Brown welcome back to WI!

It sounds like you Are working towards the @Brandon Turner house hack!

What area of Milwaukee are you looking for a 4-plex? Actually working on a deal for a 4-plex myself. 

I'm not back yet but thank you for the welcome. And yes, that's exactly what I'm thinking of. But I want to use my VA loan to get the 4 plex no money down and use my capital as a 20% down payment on another property. Either to flip or to buy and hold. Eventally I plan on moving out of Milwaukee back to Houston after fulfilling my terms to the VA loan of 1 year. So property management will be required. I actually want to know what @Brandon Turner would do in this situation. #askBP

Hope to see you back Stateside soon. Cordell, Thanks for your service! I'm always inspired by our vets courage and commitment. PM me and maybe we can partner on something.