Looking to start a meet up in Waukesha

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We have a small group of investors that are getting together to go over the good and the bad of what real estate brings in the Wauksha, Wi market. We will go over investment opportunities, recommendations on venders and building partnerships. If you would like to surround yourself with like minded people that have similar goals as you do, then this may be for you! Please let me know if anyone is interested in getting together to learn more!

I'd be interested in attending although we don't invest in Waukesha County yet. Always look to network with others.


I'm in.  Add me to the MeetUp or distribution list.

Maybe. Tell me what the strand is and maybe I will believe you do not intend on trying to sell me something. Sorry, your very first post is a recruitment, so I am skeptical. Maybe you are with the same group posting 10k salary for REI apprentices all over town? If not, I would love to get together.

Like Merritt, I might be interested if you're not the person putting the magic marker 10k salary signs all over town.

Not try to sell anything! Just trying to network more. We’re meeting about once a month typically on Mondays around 7pm. The plan is one formal meeting each month and other optional meetups like checking out a property, having a local event at someone’s house, and possibly two charity events (5k run/walk with funds raised going to HUD or other group who helps people with housing)
You can be as involved as you like.

Next meeting is going to be April 2nd 7pm. Location isn’t set yet but I will let those of you who are interested know once we decide.

@Tony Ran I would be interested, put me on the list or post in the forum here with the details once it solidifies.



I am interested. I look forward to more details.



I'd be interested. Please keep me posted!

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I'm in.  Will there be a meetup site or is BP the main reminder?

Greta question! For now it’s just through BP. We look forward to meeting you!

2 Weeks!!!! Are you Excited!?!? Who is all going? I will do a final count next Monday, but I wanted to see roughly who for sure is in. 

I will be there Tony, and am trying to bring a buddy with me.

For those on the fence, Thunder Bay has a pretty good Bourbon selection along with some tasty beers on tap.



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I'll be out of town on the 2nd, but would be interested in future meet ups.  

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Interested in future meet ups, won’t be able to make the 1st one. Put me on the list please

Just a friendly reminder about tomorrow! 7pm.

I missed this one but would be interested in future meetups.

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