Edmonton's Best Property Manager?

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Hi Everyone!

My name is Matt and I live in Vancouver.

I'm a newbie to the investment game but very keen, I've spent a year doing research of various kinds. 

Looking to make my first rental investment purchase in the city of Edmonton soon, most likely this winter. I am looking for a single family basement suited home, recently renovated.

My question today: Which Edmonton property management company do you recommend? 

Does anyone have experience with LLR? Claraco? Libertas? Ayre & Oxford? Others?

A close friend of mine who had a really bad experience with REI gave me just one HUGE tip: make sure your PM comes highly recommended... so that's what I'm trying to find!

Thanks everyone!

Hi Matt,

Welcome abroad.

I would recommend Ayre or Oxford, they come highly recommend by a commercial broker that I worked with. We invest primarily in Calgary, but those would be our go to guys when we invest in Edmonton.

What area of Edmonton are you looking into?

We do have quite a few properties in Calgary that fits your criteria and is currently cash flowing. Let us know if you are interested?



Hi @Chris Chang , what kind of return you are getting in Calgary?  I used to live there until year 2000.  It seems like the market is cooling and rent is dropping.  I was there few months ago and seems like the economy is not doing so well.

Hello @David C. all of the properties we are selling at this moment are cash flowing. The economy is definitely still down, as Calgary is experiencing he cycle real estate just like every other cities. We are not too concern about it, as we are simply restructuring the portfolio at this time.

I might be a little bit late to this post but I have had great success with CasaWise management who was recommended to me. However, I only have one single family unit in Edmonton. They were able to get my unit rented in short order in a down economy. As well all of their staff are very knowledgeable. My unit needed some updating and repairs but I only had a limited budget. They were able to give me advice on where best to spend my money and what updating and repairs I could leave until later which seemed to work as it wasn't long to get a qualified tenant. As Chris Change recommended I have also heard great things about and was recommended Ayre & Oxford. 

Not sure if anyone else puts any significance on the reviews and overall rating that google provides based off feedback but I believe there is some valuable information there. There can be quite a rating difference between local management companies. Even though I was getting recommendations from people I still used that as a factor in my decision on a property management company. 

Hi guys,

Ayre and Oaxford is a condo Managment company. They look after the building not individual rental units. Your looking for a Residential Property Managers that will take care of your individual unit. A good PM company will also have a license in Real Estate and can assist you in which areas to buy in.

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