Home inspector and structure engineers in Vancouver?

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Hi, BPers, I am here again kindly asking for recommendations, where I always get good ones. This time on home inspectors and structure engineers around Burnaby, BC. I prefer inspectors and engineers who are:

(1) Familiar with South Burnaby

(2) Familiar with inspecting single family houses

(3) Structure engineers familiar with building on a slope and knows the cost of it

Thanks in advance for any recommendations! 

This post has been removed.

@Pawan Johar Thanks for the recommendation. 

I would like to connect with you if there is an opportunity in the future. You have a fabulous website; what service do you provide to your clients? Looks like you do everything from design, construction, to transaction. Do you do property management?

It's probably better to ask builders about the cost of building on a slope. Usually, structural engineers are not familiar with building cost. Depends on how steep the slope is, it might be more accurate to ask excavation trades for the cost of excavation and retaining wall.

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