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Hi everyone,

I am an investor in Vancouver BC, and am looking for recommendations for a mortgage specialist here. So far, all of my deals have been privately financed. I have a recently formed company and expanding options on the horizon, so I would like to talk to someone who works with investors and find out what I can expect from traditional lending.


Hi @Cameron Oades

I noticed no one replied to your request. I am sure you have already found a mortgage broker to work with by now, but if not, I have used for single family residential properties.  I also know a commercial mortgage broker (we bought his house and he rented back from us for a couple years) that is also an investor if you are interested in that info.

Hi Cameron, 

I've worked with plenty of Brokers and Banks for my buy and holds. Most Banks only offer a 50% rental offset and a cap of 5 rental properties... This made it very difficult to find decent financing. Where I have had the best luck is with Vanity because they work with a 75% rental offset and they didn't care how many rentals I had. 

Good luck

My partners Kyle Green and Keaton Kirkwood from Green Mortgage Group are awesome.  They work primarily with real estate investors, and know the business inside and out.  Kyle actually just released a book Rockstar Real Estate Investing as well.  They are super creative, have their own ins for hard money, and will get your deals done. They don't mess around!

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