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Has anyone ever heard of/used products from Thomas Kish? Also any recommendations on the best material that speaks to private lending and/or money from places other than traditional bank loans (ie self directed IRAs, etc.)?

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If you do a Google search you will see Kish has written a few free Ezine articles. Mostly medium length sales pitches. Given the tone and the subtle gaps in what was shared I felt there was more sales than substance. That is a personal view.

He is advocating using business credit. There is no real hidden methods to doing so. His materials might be accurate (I did not buy his course). There are free sites out there which offer a lot of advice when building business credit. I can find a couple of links for you if you like.

There is a 6 month mentoring program where you get 1-on-1 coaching on your specific situation. They help you restructure your finances, build a business plan, present to banks and get you on your way. The program starts with a 3 day conference and then focuses on your specific case after that. Once in the program there is nothing else to buy. All the people who signed up are pre-screened as they will not take people who are not experienced investors. The logic is it makes no sense to coach people who to raise their game if they have not started. The program has been running for about 10 years now.

My point is there are many options out there. Building business credit is going to take about 2 years before you really get very far. Prior to that you can get business credit if you sign personal guarantees and have good credit yourself.

It is worth focusing on business credit. It is not a silver bullet that will suddenly make all your deals better.

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