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Has anyone heard of Marc Imhof and his

Advanced Virtual Wholesaling For CA$H FLOW course? I'm considering purchasing it but would like feedback from people who have first hand knowledge before making that commitment.


After reading your post and profile it appears you, like I and many others have in the past, are chasing after the magic bullet that will make REI easy. It's never going to be easy. My recommendation to you would be to save the money that you are thinking of giving to these 'gurus' who are just going to charge you for info you can mostly find for free here on BP. Put that money aside and add to it until you are ready to jump in. Attend local REIA meetings, as that is where you will be able to connect with local investors who may be willing to give you a hand up in exchange for you doing something for them. And read everything you can here on BP, listen to the podcasts. There is so much info here and it's free!! There are so many successful people on here willing to answer questions, share their experience, and give advice. Good luck to you!!

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