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Has anybody started their free trial of FreedomSoft yet? It sounds great, but that isn't an indication of how great it actually is. For the price, it seems like it could be a great deal. 

I'm interested in people who have actually tried the software, not just heard about it. 



Hmm, that is funny, I was just talking with someone about the same thing today. I was not planning on ordering it, more was just wondering how good the content would be. How did you hear about it? 

I've read Jeff Adams' book and I'm on his mailing list, I've gotten at least three emails about the software today alone. I watched the video I'm just trying to dig through the hype. Have you heard anything about it Nick? 

I have nothing to do with the company, by the way.

I signed up for the 30 day trial. I'm new to REI so I'm not too sure what to look for. After you sign up they try to sell you additional services. In the end it could cost you about $400 which I'm assuming isn't much if they come through on they word. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks William, I'm new to real estate investing as well and I'm finding what you're describing seems to be the trend, which is very unfortunate.

Please let me know how it ends up working for you. 



I am also looking to it as well.  I figured I would check here first.   I am new to Bigger Pockets and this website has some great info!


Have any of the above people done the program now and have feedback?  I am looking at it as well

I've used Freedom$oft for over two years now and have trained several of my Mentees to use it. You do have to spend time inputting some parameters but once that is done, you can just watch the leads pour in.

Setting up a website is SO SIMPLE and you can get as many domain names as you need via Freedom$oft.  The drawback is if you cancel you'll lose access to the websites and any data you've stored.

I would recommend this software to anyone looking for quick lead generation, an autoresponder (emails automatically sent at different times), simplifying mailing campaigns and connecting the dots between properties, buyers and lenders.

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