Fortune Builders (Insiders Summit)

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Curious to see if anybody has been to the Insiders Summit.

I am very new to Real Estate investing, and was wondering if this event is worth attending. 


Check out this earlier thread.

Gets some books, read, ask questions on here, find a mentor, do a podcast marathon, I would be cautious about forking over that kind of loot, sounds like a sales pitch for over priced "mentoring."

Instead of spending that $1,200 bucks I suggest you buy J Scott's book The Book on Flipping Houses.  I guarantee you he will not be trying to upsell you into buying the next stage (Where you really learn the secrets and or you get unlimited access to the guru along with the hundreds or thousands of others who bought the same thing.)  

One of the key reasons Josh Dorkin started this site is to help people learn how to invest in RE without having to pay someone big bucks to teach them.  He has succeeded greatly.  In other words, spend a few days on this site reading all you can and I'd bet along with buying J's Book you'll learn a lot more about RE investing than you can learn from any guru, whether they want $1,200 or $25K!

Thank you for the replies everybody! 

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