Gary W. Eldred

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I don't knwo anything about Gary, but I thought the book was pretty solid. I thought it dealt with a lot of real estate stuff I didn't want to know about as a newbie- like development, etc. It was a very meaty book, which I think I would enjoy now a lot more than I did when I first read it! 

I'd also recommend, if you haven't, starting with the Ultimate Beginner's Guide here on BP. 

Also- here are my other favorite books

I remember that book. I have read quite a few and generally do not remember the title or author. But I remember that one being very good by being comprehensive but not overbearing for new folks.

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This was the first book I read on RE investing and I must say it was very good. A lot of ideas are conveyed in this book that are echoed through out the forums on BP. Also a good read is his "106 Mortgage Secrets All Borrowers Must Learn - But Lenders Don't Tell."

This was one of my first books and  i'm so grateful for it!  The principles are timeless, easily comprehended, and applicable.  Before the book I owned 0 apartments, now about to close on my third.