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I have just read a book by Karen Rittenhouse, The Essential Handbook for Landlords. I must say this was a good book loaded with good information.  I am no expert but I advise any and all newbies looking to get into Real Estate Investing or a first time homeowner to purchase this book from www.amazon.com and read it and get a good clear understanding of the book and Karen Rittenhouse advice in this book.  I also want to give a big shout out to Brandon Turner for advising me to read this book.  Thanks Brandon Turner for the suggestion, it was a very good book.

I agree @Melissa Reid  - Karen's Podcast #2 is one of my all time favorites. She is classy, and has a great approach to this business. Both the book, and the podcast are tremendous resources for any real estate investor.

Disclosure: I am the book author.

Wow! Thanks @Melissa Reid and @Kerry Smith for letting me know that you've enjoyed my book and podcast. I'm so thrilled to know they were helpful to you.

Here's wishing you tremendous real estate investing success!

@ Karen Rittenhouse you are welcome.  Hopefully, I will read your other 2 books very soon.  I am looking to get into Real Estate Investing soon.  I am in the process of taking a lot of notes and doing a lot of learning and reading before rushing into the Real Estate market.  Job well done!!

I didn't know @Karen Rittenhouse  wrote a book. I'm going to order it now. You give such great advice, I'm sure the book is a gold mine. Thanks for the tip @Melissa Reid  

Disclosure: I am the book author.

Wow! Thanks @Richelle T. ! And, if you all wouldn't mind, leaving your positive feedback on Amazon really helps me out.


That's another great point (among many others) about Bigger pockets forum. I can hardly find another place that the reader and author of books have open, professional discussions like here. I'm gonna look the book up.


One of a few books (the other two books by Karen are in that list) I know are on my must buy list.  The podcast has already helped answer some and add loads more questions that I'm continuing to research while holding back my normal learning style (I'm more of a hands on learner)

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