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hello I'm a newbie very interested  to learn about flipping houses.  I learned that I can get all the info I need from this site and dont   have to pay a guru for info. However I do plan to attend a Chief Denny seminar on flipping houses tomorrow for informational purposes only.  Is this a good idea or should I Avoid the seminar altogether. thanks for your thoughts.

@Dion Dill  listen, (Though they wont tell you enough just enough to make you want to buy) DONT, but many you want to NETWORK with those there, you may find a partner there, or a private lender there.

@Dion Dill

It is true, I am sure there is enough information on this site alone to know how to do whatever type of real estate deal you could possibly do.  There  is also nothing wrong with attending seminars even if put on by a Guru.  Guru's have plenty of knowledge but its the product cost is what people get upset at.  

You should also look into joining your local investment club if you have one in your area. 

It will be very important to your success to network and make some connections with others in your local area.  This site is incredible but you need local contacts as well.

Good luck

Thanks guys for your input.  I'll let you all know how things go at the seminar.

I don't think there is anything wrong with gurus if they offer value and good info. The problem is trying to sort out the good ones from the bad ones. 

Go to the meeting, great opportunity to meet people and get an overview of the business- leave your wallet at home, not in your car but at home. Bring a $20 bill to eat lunch.

Good Luck!

Most of these "seminars" are just pitchfests that try to sell you on some sort of (very expensive) training/boot camp/mentoring program. 

I don't know anything about Chief Denney, but here's an older thread on his seminars that might provide some insight: http://www.biggerpockets.com/forums/79/topics/19001-chief-denney

i attended the find fund and flip seminar sponsored by Chief Denny this past sat in Chgo.  Ofcourse another person was the presenter.  I was pleasantly surprised that i    did not feel pressured to purchase the 3 day training on flipping houses that included a credit limit of over a million dollars to fund deals and a course on purchasing tax lein certificates that give a rate of return of 16 to 50%.  This was all offered for a discounted price of about $1200 with a money back garantee. I will use this site to research tax lien certificates and other concepts mentioned such as REOs Option contracts Lease options Etc on my way to making my first investment.  Thanks BP!

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