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The Real Estate Education Group, does any one a member of regroup  or have any experience  with these gurus,  they also promise 500 to 750k funds for investing

Reegoup courses and system good or bad

I have no clue about them, but if they are offering a "system" and guaranteeing they can get you that much money, my guess is they are not legit. Any "system" being offered by a group like that is probably of no more use to you than the simple rules of thumb that are helpful in a broad sense but not necessarily true for any individual investment: the 2% rule, the 50% rule, the 70% rule... hmm might be time to come up with more creative names for all these rules.  If I were you, I would poke around here a little more and see what you can learn before you spend any money on a course or "system."

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The Real Estate Education Group, does any one a member of regroup  or have any experience  with these gurus,  they also promise 500 to 750k funds for investing


Have you moved forward with this group?  My parents and I are already enrolled in one of their lower cost packages (education, software, & 12 weekly mentoring calls included).  They are soliciting us to buy into their "inner circle."  I am VERY skeptical and hesitant to pay for any further services.  Looking for some more insight into their programs before deciding.

Can you tell me what ever came of your inquiry?  Did you ever get involved?

They are not guru's, but you can learn something.   If you are really trying to get into real estate you can network with other investors in your area or surrounding areas.  Even then, some of the investment clubs are still selling training packages for thousands of dollars.  Start networking at the real estate investment club meetings and you will be surprised at how much others are willing to guide you the right way.  

If you decide to invest thousands of dollars into their program just make sure you are in a position where you can afford to do it. Don't feel pressured to purchase anything because they are guru salesmen good at selling you packages.

Best wishes - I hope your decision went well.

The only true system that works or not starts and ends with self (in my humble opinion).

To be more specific I can see a person (that is a good person) doing great in an awful business that is ran and managed wrongly and awfully in every way and still that one person could do good...or not that one person could make themself awful as well.

Personal I am accessing both pay and free network/marketing/schooling.  Bigger Pockets is a good example it is free to use some features but costs for more features.

I am cautious who I affiliate with but its better to trust and try than not.

I started to believe in Real Estate this year.  I am not all in monetarily, (that would be stupid IMHO diversification is key in many aspects of investment & life) but I am all in as far as believing there is good in Real Estate.

I started to believe when I committed to this system/network that I joined My affiliate (we are go'n worldwide) with local chapters expanding thought the USA & beyond.

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