Cody Sperber vs. Rich Dad Poor Dad

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I wanted to see if anyone has thoughts and/or experiences with Clever Investor mentoring programs versus Rich Dad Mentoring program.  Thoughts on which one I should do?  

I say neither. You can get better quality local mentors for free (or local REI club dues). The gurus might be fine but I've done well with just reading books, the BP podcast/forum, networking, and local real estate investing classes.

Hi Chad,

I have purchased several programs from Cody and I love his teaching style. I paid $200 for his professional program and just paid $97 for his directMail system because I just got access to a laser targeted list of possible pre-forclosure clients and I don't regret purchasing niether one of them.  I have gone to Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminars and have paid money for some of his stuff. I think it depends on what you want to do and how fast. I have contiplated trying to raise the $9,000 for both mentoring programs but decided to just use all of their free information to my advantage. If you just read most of Cody's emails he really provide you with all of the information you need to succeed. It just depends on weather you are an action taker or an information junkie that think you need to know everything before you can do a deal. The ideas I got from his emails alone has put me in a great position to dominate my market. But you are also on the greatest site (BiggerPockets) bar none for the best information and networking opportunities as it is related to real estate where you are. I don't agree with telling someonre not to buy a program because spending that money and having a guru hold your hand may be what you need. But coming from an action taker like me I would read all of his information and start implementing while building a real estate team. If you understand that It' not going to happen over night you are off to a great start.

Hey Chad, I am actually completing my final coaching session with Rich Dad Poor Dad this week.  I have learned a good deal of info from the coaching sessions - but honestly it's nothing I couldn't find online myself.  What the coaching session really did for me was teach me to be open to investing in other states as well as multifamily and commercial properties.  While I haven't yet bought in another state nor purchased multifamily or commercial real estate, I'm actively looking and submitting offers now.  The coaching also helped keep me motivated and accountable with my progress.  I don't know that it was worth the $6,000+ but once land a great multifamily deal, I will probably feel differently.  

I have also seen Cody Sperber's emails and I am thinking about looking into his direct mail product to help give me a kick start.  

Good luck!

@Heather Skowronsky

Good to meet you here welcome. Yes nice to have someone to keep you accountable. There is so much valuable information here at BP and sure you would find people on this forum that you can collaborate with. Look forward to seeing more of you here.

Happy Investing