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Ok so after much review and Google searching, I have decided to purchase and document my journey with his program. This will be the fist so called guru program I have spent any real money on. I have done some short sale, subject 2 , & wholesale deals in the past; I am also a licensed Realtor in my area. (Just a little background on me) I understand that most of this information is found here on BP, and I am sure most of the information will be basic information. However I would like to see if I do follow his program and submit deals, will I get paid the 10k finders far I have spent a few hrs online going through the material. Over all fairly good information. The only thing I dislike but don't see it being a huge issue is that comps must be with In a mile..I will continue to update over the next few weeks. 

Hi Aaron,

You have probably heard the old phrase, "Been There, Done That"! I am "not the one' to be a Debbie Downer [if you will]; but...I worked with Jerry Norton. Bought his program; (and a gazillion others), but never got one deal approved. Not one! #1 was an issue with their GUI, and lots of submitted deals would never make it thru.  I finally did get one thru, but there was always "something" that prevented it from moving forward to even be reviewed. I finally got it reviewed and it was sent back several times, and my clients got tired of dealing and just backed out. Communication was less than adequate. all fairness, this may have been during the time that Peter Conti was recovering; but at the time I didn't know that. I just knew in my world...I'd wasted my money...AGAIN! I was also fairly new to investing, but I'm a bright enough [well educated] individual; and what I thought at the time was a great deal did not get approved. I've heard several other students make the very same complaint...that Jerry's team would always find "something" wrong...some reason not to approve their deal...therefore making money was difficult "near" impossible. When I tried to count my time as a loss, based on their 365-day guarantee...what do "you" think happened there? OK, so...that's my 2 cents. Hope I'm just an isolated case (yeah, right)! I've even been contacted by a group of his students asking me to join their lawsuit. I hope things have improved and that you can come back and share your success with me.  All that said...I truly wish you all the best. 

So I have gone through just about 90% of the training videos, and some of the information is good I think especially if you are just starting out..the process for submitting a deal for the 10k finders fee is pretty straight forward....the basic fomula for submitting deals is ARV x .65-repairs=max offer price for homes over 200k no big surprise there and for property under 200k ARV it's ARV × .85 - repairs - 40k profit = max buy price...the biggest pain is 5 comps with in 1 mile from subject property, then input all the information, would be nice if you could just upload a Market analysis because I don't think he takes into consideration adjustments....will be sending out some offers to get under contract to be able to submit....more to come

Hello Arron.

I have been giving Jerry Norton's power flipper 3x serious considerations.. Can you tell me if you are having any success or just problems getting deals accepted. I have heard more negative than positive. But I would like to hear from you and your experience with Jerry Norton. Is his program for real? Can his software tools be useful outside of doing deals with him say using it to do property aquisitions for other investors for a commision? Jerry cant be the only one paying commissions to folks locating deals right?? 

                                                        Thanks Rick

Ok so I gave it a try...but currently I have been having better luck I guess you could say with buying hud homes. Save the 1K and use it to flip a hud home...I feel with the amount of work that has to go into the power flipper program you could make the same or possible more doing all the work for your self. Also after a little research I found other places for POF letters and money to fund deals. If you want to know more shoot me a call or email and I will fill you in on what I am doing. Not sure if that help...but on the other hand if you have never invested before the course does have good information if your not the kind of person who wants to search for the information. The way I look at it is can put in the time find a mentor and research...or buy a program ie your education and run with it...just dont get stuck buying a bunch of different programs.

Aaron, I wish you had given a final conclusion  about your experience with Jerry Norton's plan. But I think we can all see that it was an obvious bust and waste of time and money.  Clearly his system is designed with so many restrictions that very few if any of the deals he received are "good enough."  Sorry you went through it all.

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Ever wonder why there are no new reviews of Jerry Norton, flipping mastery or any of his other products? Because in fine print in "terms and conditions" it says if you say anything derogatory or give negative feedback they will sue you. So, I'm not going to say any more about the flipping mastery program I purchased in January, other than to say I lost $1000. I wish I would have read that fine print, it would have been a red flag for sure.

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