TURNED AWAY.. Pittsburgh's Joe Calloway investment Deal Training

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I got turned away from Joe Calloway Deal Training

I went to the event Thursday night and tried to sign in at the door and got turned away because they were "at capacity" How was it? Was it worth it? Were they really filled up and when can I go to the next one?

Save your money..... when you see the heard running to the slaughter house It's a good thing to run the other way.

EDUCATION is great, for me it works best in a small groups, working closely with very experienced professionals like a "mentor".  

My recommendation is to hold out until you find that.  This person won't have a financial stake in your deal, but he will have great pride in showing you how a compitaint investor conducts them self. 

I know this is true I have a few people like that in my business  that I look up to and a few that look at me the same way.

Good luck 


Hey Ben,

I apologize about not being able to get you in last week. We had room for 50 and ended up with 70, so by the time you and a others got there we were already a capacity plus. It was getting uncomfortable. The event was for charity (Brashear Association Toy Drive) so we did not want to turn willing donations away but we had no choice when the chairs were gone.

Don't be discouraged by negative posts. Do your research on anyone you are going to spend your money or more importantly your time listening to.

Ben, I look forward to seeing you at the next event on January 28th. For more info on that keep an eye out on Facebook for when we release the sign up link this week.