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Hello everyone!

Does anybody have any experience with Rich Dad Education or Elite Legacy Education? 

Are they just another "guru" or do they provide real value? 

I've been to a couple of their events and will be attending their July 15th-17th 3-day training. There seemed to be some value, but they seemed to just want me to get on their 10k, 30k, or 50k programs....

Your thoughts and experience would be appreciated,


@Account Closed ,

Yes, the 3-day up-sell ... err, I mean "training" is where they try to hook you into their over-priced packages.

You can, however, go there to take notes and come away with a fair amount of good info. Depends how fast you can write/type ...

David J Dachtera

Hi @Account Closed ,

I attended to a free day seminar with Legacy Education, Rich Dad Education and then I signed up for the 3 day seminar for $500.  Actually you learn a lot in the 3 day training, especially if you are new to real estate investing.  Now, they will spend time trying to sign you up to the Elite Training, which by my personal opinion is just too much money, and they want it all up front.

But I recommend you to attend the 3 day seminar, get there early and have fun!

PS: When you see the trainer grabbing a $20 bill out of his pocket and waving it, stand up from your chair as fast as you can and go and take it.  

@David Dachtera  

Thanks for the response. Yes, I'll take a lot of notes...

Tre Brickley I just attended the 3 day session in Seattle. It was about 25% interesting content and 75% upselling into their elite training.

They cover wholesaling, lease options, dod frank and legal entities to consider.

I knew little about real estate investing going into it and felt i got my money's worth but just had to put up with the hard sell tactics. I definitely said NO to the costly elite training. Ultimately it led me to buy a bunch of books and I discovered BP this week!

Also, if you want to get some of your money back...during the event when they hold up a $20 dollar bill run up and grab it! Yours for the keeping!

Thank you guys this was all helpful.I also signed up for this 3 day workshop hoping to learn something new.

The first day was such a waste because the speaker spent 6 hours telling us stories and how times are changing. The second day is when I got maybe 3 hours worth of general information and promises that he will go over the bulk of the good stuff on day 3. Meanwhile I had a one on one with a mentor and was told about the packages, which I told them I have to decide later tonight before I made a final decision. Now I'm on this site and Biggerpockets.com now doing my research.

These resources has made me realize that I wasn't in the mode to waste another 8 hours of my weekend, where probably the bulk of the workshop was going to be spent pressuring me into signing up for their packages ranging from $12.k- 51k. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. I attended the free seminar and the 3 day workshop which was $495 because the book, rich dad poor dad, did change the way I viewed money and the term passive income. From there at age 18 I knew that I had to at least get financially educated.

I needed to know everything there was about investments, accounting, law it was a whole new other language that was boring as *** at the time but I had too. Well fast forward 10 years I became an accountant, CPA, didn't buy a house but bought a 2 family home for cash flow and i'm still trying to increase my education in different types of investment on my own for now. In conclusion, if it wasn't for the book that changed my mindset, I would of never had all these years while in school to plan out my goals of getting out of being an employee. I would of never enrolled in this seminar, since I wouldn't have known about Robert Kiyo, thus not learning from this scam all the other types of tools there is out there to learn about creative financing, strategies and other learning sources like bigger pockets.

I would say this was a great lesson to learn and now I know what specific strategies I will focus on to try to succeed as an investor in real estate.

But please don't sign up for those elite classes.His book is a mind opener but nothing else.

Tre Brickley

We went to it and bought into their $16k, def some valuable information at the 3 day event, but looking back I wish we took that $16k from Elite and put it toward some down payments of a few cheaper rentals that became available. Now on the flip side spending that much on a program definitely kick started us to get things rolling. I will say you can do it without spending that. I've learned more from talking with people at local REI's and on BiggerPockets. I would save the $ but go in with an open mind and learn what they are telling you. It's definitely an eye opener

P.S the BP podcasts are excellent source and reading real estate books as well that cost below $10 and little bit of your time to sit down and read. Don't buy into, good luck!

I'm 5 months into 12 months of training purchased with Elite Legacy, I dropped $20k. It kick started me into a few higher gears. I equate it to spending money on a physical trainer, or college, if you drop the cash you should take it more seriously. If not, you will be wasting your money and it would be better to spend it elsewhere. This education was well worth it, just a few ideas they gave me, have well over saved me the amount invested in their corporate structure and tax advice alone. 

Knowing what I do now, it is worth every penny for the knowledge, the experience, the networking, and future partnerships I have created. Even attending the $500 3-day "sales pitch" was an eye opener, I had not heard of bigger pockets at that time =) It was actually Elite Legacy that lead me to find bigger pockets.  I would have had no clue to even google/youtube search for terms like wholesale, assignment, brrr strategy, lease-option, wrap mortgage, driving for dollars, short sales, etc. etc. etc. 

If you are the type of person to learn on your own (from bigger pockets) and you can "apply" what you learn... then you might be able to save some money. But if you appreciate knowledge, and then apply said knowledge it is worth the money. 

It is the same as dropping coin on a real estate education for multi family syndicating (which I am also doing now) with Brad Sumrok, and Rod Khleif in the future.  

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