Business Owners of BP, what books are you currently reading?

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Recently I've been thinking about my recent reads that have shaped my Real Estate business and thought I'd share them/get suggestions on new ones to add to the list. 

1.) Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It... and Why the Rest Don't by Verne Harnish

This is basically an advanced version of Harnish's "Mastering the Rockefeller Habits" where he really covers 4 things: Strategy, People, Execution, and Cash. Harnish gleaned from John D. Rockefeller's biography multiple habits in the form of questions. When applying them, readers can find themselves having more focus and better leadership/delegation skills. I make everyone in my company read this book so-as to achieve more in their day-to-day operations while utilizing goal setting and accountability.

2.) Business Brilliant by Lewis Schiff.  "Ask a member of the middle class what it takes to become wealthy? And they'll tell you it takes a bold new idea. And if you tell that to a self-made millionaire, they will vehemently disagree" 

Schiff doesn't only dispel this myth (and other common ones like it), he proves it. Conducting interviews and studying data on the world's self-made rich, Schiff's book is really about how successful people think and act differently than the rest. I give this to many of my business associates and entrepreneur friends to think differently and to share these ideas.

3.) Traction by Gino Wickman

The tagline for this book is: "Do you have a grip on your business, or does your business have a grip on you?"

A great read on execution and simplifying and implementing better Rockefeller Habits. This is also a a good book for others in Upper Management. Working on efficiency and the vision of the company is key to any business. Are you on the same page as your partners? Are you on the same page as your employees? All good questions to ask yourself and your business.

So, what have you guys been reading lately? Any thoughts on these books? Any recommendations?

Good morning Dave,

Great post! Thanks for the insight, I'll tag my business partner @Tommy Mejia on this post since he's more of a reader than I am and will have plenty to say on this matter.

My most recent book has been The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller. Last year I read The Millionaire Real Estate Investor and have to say that both of these really helped shape my frame of mind. I see you're an agent in PA, in that case MREA would be a terrific pick-up (assuming you haven't already read it). It has given me a ton of insight on how to structure my business plan and how to lay out my marketing budget to align with my sales goals.

I wish you continued success and thanks again for the info!


Currently reading "How I Turned $1000 Into $5M" by William Nickerson and, of course, I'm going to sound cliché, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Guy K... Up next is Millionaire Real Estate Investor, but think I might grab MREA right after... Lots of unlearning and re-educating to do.

The Book on Estimating Rehab Costs by J.Scott.

Thanks @Abel Curiel , you know i always try to have a great read on deck! 

I am currently reading "10X Rule" by Grant Cardone among some other great ones ("The advanced Guide to RE Investing" by Ken McElroy, and "Marketopoly" bty Mark Mackenzie both great books which over amazing insights on identifying market trends and cycles, allowing investors to maximize ROI by staying ahead of the Game..) but the 10x Rule has stood out because of the principles it teaches in TAKING CONTROL of our success by treating success and the massive action that it requires as a personal "duty, obligation and responsibility"....not only today or tomorrow, but continuously throughout our lives. awesome read, one that i was referred to right here on BP.

Thanks for Sharing @Dave Van Horn ! cant wait to pick these up.


All great suggestions guys!

@Abel Curiel   Love Gary Keller's work.

@Carl Sandridge thanks for chiming in! Will have to check out How I turned $1000 into $5M

@Tommy Mejia

I was actually just listening to a Grant Cardone talk with Success Magazine earlier today! I've read McElroy's Advanced Guide to RE, will have to look up Marketopoly

In business school there is a saying

  • Leaders are Readers

Good to see great fundamentals on BP

I just want to follow this post. I'm a huge reader....lately more audio books since I'm crunched for time. 

Putting a waterproof bluetooth speaker in my shower gave me an extra 20 minutes a day of "reading" time. Game changer for me. 

Currently reading Cashing in Tax Free- leslie's book on DSTs. 

@Natalie Kolodij  I did the same thing!  Now, I can take a "leisurely" shower and still get some reading in  :)

Great thread eveyone thanks for the $uggestions! :)

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