john alexanders inverse purchase

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Took a look at the sight. Looks like simple simultaneous closings. Not hard to do as long as there is full disclosure to all parties involved. For instance the property is selling for 100,000 which is worth 150,000.

Buyer "A" maybe yourself agrees to/contract with seller at a purchase price of 100,000. Buyer "B" agrees to purchase same property at 150,000. Entire transaction is funded based on Buyer "B" loan.

Buyer "B" lender must not have a seasoning requirement on the property to be purchased and must know that property is being simultaneously closed. Involves 2 title insurances along with some other duplicate fees.

This type of deal must be put together from the back forward i.e. first find a lender willing to fund this type of transaction. Then find a title company willing to work on it. Finally locate the property with margin and a buyer.

Good Luck