Looking for property management in south city St. Louis

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Hello everyone,

I have an 8-plex in South City St. Louis that I'm looking for a property manager for.

The area is less than ideal and I'd prefer a manager that already has experience in dealing with the quality of tenants in such neighborhood.

If anyone has any recommendations I'd greatly appreciate it.

Kind regards,

Jorge Garifuna

@Jorge Garifuna check out the company Worth Clark realty. They are really good and manage my properties in St. Louis. 

Worth Clark Reality is picky on what properties they manage. They dont manage certain areas. 

Thanks for the info Anuj and Anthony.

Disclosure: I am an employee of the company.

Hello Jorge,

I'm with Worth Clark Realty. It is true that we don't manage every property that comes across our plate, and the biggest reason is the condition of the property. We manage a lot of properties in South City, but we won't manage properties that are in dire need of repair and/or we have a property owner that is refusing to spend money to get the property fixed. For example, we are currently dealing with an owner in south city that has an obvious sewer later problem, and sewage is in the basement. However, the owner is really dragging their feet on approvals to replace the line through the yard. Yes, it's expensive, but there is sewage in the basement of a home that is occupied by a living, breathing human being, and it needs to get fixed. The old clay pipes in the city do cause a lot of problems for a lot of owners, but that's one of the risks in owning property in South City. 

Sometimes, our management fee pricing model doesn't work out for everyone, either. But it depends on the rents and how much the property owner is willing (or can) pay for management. We also provide free tenant warranties and eviction protection. Feel free to give us a call or email (not allowed to post contact information in these posts) and we can at least assess the building and situation to see if we're able to help you out. You'll want to talk to Brandon or Emily. You can simply Google us and find us with just a click. Thanks!

PS - Thanks for the shout out, Anuj.

ehp property management Three one four five four zero nineteen sixty.  We use them and love them.

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