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Hello my name is Bosko,
I have currently been going to a workshop all weekend as a guest with a coworker. We are in St, Louis, Mo. The seminar is by "Response". They are based in Lindon, Utah I believe. Anyway they have proposed a continuing education package that is 25k but me and my coworker can split it. I just got into investing earlier this year and have only done one deal which was a flip and I profited a great sum from it. What's included in this package is connections to lenders and investors, mentors, some sort of boots on the ground in 4 weeks, a expo in Las Vegas and access to tools on their website. Apparently they will be doing deals with us, helping us find them and funding them. Has anyone ever went through a workshop like this? Thanks so much and I am glad to be apart of the BP community now as this is my first post because I only used to read the forums but I want to start actually talking to everyone in here!

Buy a house with your 25K.. make some money and learn.... real life is real! Classroom learning is theory until practiced... doing it .... there are no secrets there are those who do and those who want to do.... most of the wanters spend money in seminars... and become seminar addicts... those who do spend money on house and become investors... Listen to the BP pod casts ask questions and DO IT!  Spent time in a classroom or spend time working real estate that is really the choice... If you do it.. you will be happier... if you keep going to classes .... well see you here Next year posting when you buy your first house :-)...... good luck... that is all I have to say about that..... you can do it!!

Everything and I mean everything that ANY body can teach can be learned here and reading a couple of $30 books.
As said before take the 25k and invest them. With 25k and credit you can flip a house that will sale for 125k. Even if you manage to loose the 25k on your first flip you will be way better off than paying for training.