Looking for the right mentorship/ coaching program

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@Stefano Mannino it depends what your goals are and how fast you want to reach them. Having a coach or mentor who has already done what you want to do is an invaluable resource. There are plenty of coaching programs out there but you can also network and find a potential mentor. Then you need to find a way to provide value to that person so that they will consider mentoring you.

Getting a mentor was exactly what I needed to get going.  Having someone supporting me who has the experience in this business, patience and investment in my success was the key.  Lou Castillo is awesome!  He really knows his stuff!  He is highly successful both as an investor and as a mentor!  And he is a great teacher!  Plus he is very reasonably priced and accessible!! Many mentors want all their money upfront and aren't easy to reach when you need help.  Lou has a small upfront cost and then gets a reasonable percentage of each deal I do (up to a specific point)...so, he is invested in my ongoing success!!  That's huge!!   And he gets back to me within 24 hours!   Obviously, I highly recommend him and am very happy to be working with him!!