Multifamily properties investor must read

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Account Closed you already have a good list of books above, but I would also add 

 "Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing" by Michael Blank

“Emerging Markets” by David Lindahl 

I started with the David Lindahl books and still find them to be amongst the best

  • Multifamily Millions
  • Emerging Markets

For a more in depth "how to" book on MF Syndication, Joe Fairless's, Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book was extremely valuable.  

Account Closed I think you have a good base of books to read, but i'd personally expand your reading beyond syndication. To do this business well, you need to learn how to raise capital and write well. A good book on copywriting (A Copywriter's Handbook is good) and a good book on raising capital (Capital Raising by Richard Wilson) will take you pretty far.