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Hey BP Community,

Has anyone heard about Its a real estate investing program and they talk a good game. However, they are asking $3k to start and $200/month after 90 days.

Just looking to see if anyone had been through their program or is currently in the program now. I would lofe the feedback. Thanks

Hi Ugochukwu Ogpara, I've never heard of them. I think I would pass for that kinda money plus getting looped into paying an on going monthly fee, not for me. Best of luck and keep searching around BP.

Hey Bryan,

Thanks for the heads up, I've been reading around BP and that seems to be the general consensus. Thanks for the reinforcement!

Hi Ugochukwu,

You are a residential agent from your profile listed.

First thing is are you wanting to learn investments for yourself or to do business with investors and make a commission or both??

Then define if you want to wholesale, hold long term rentals, flip etc.??

Write down how much income you want coming in from your agent commissions and how much from your investments. Then with this data in mind you would get much more out of going to your local investor association and finding local people their with experience. Try to find someone that is doing a bunch of deals in the market you want to invest in using the strategy you want to focus on. Offer to take this person out to lunch or dinner on you. Filet mignon is fine you are just asking for some time to talk to them. Some will be a &*%^% and others will be nice.

Spending a few hundred and learning what works in your local market is much better than buying a generic course from a company. I think you will come out further ahead that way.

Hope it helps.

Mr. Owens,

Thanks for taking the time to really give me a path to run down. I greatly appreciate it. Also I never considered factoring in the agent side of things. Thanks!

@Ugochukwu Opara WOW.. 3k to start and 200/month, talk about a FASTLANE...
Don't spend money on courses that promise to drop $ out of the sky. There are plenty of free resources like BP out there to help you with closing your first deal.

That's an awful lot of money to pay for someone's get-rich-quick scheme. Not anti-education by any means, but those numbers make me want to hold on to my wallet.

@Arktavious Sally Tell me about it. I just graduate so I wan under the impression that one still had to pay for education. Beginner mistake! SO glad that people like you willing take the time to put people like me on check lol. Thank you thank you!

@Ugochukwu Opara A wise man once said, If you don't spend money on your education, then you will spend it on your mistakes...
Don't get me wrong, I'm for education and there is nothing wrong with having a mentor that is COMMITTED to your success. You will definitely shorten the learning curve, but at what price 3,5,10k. I suggest that you partner with other investors in your market that are doing what you want to do. My exit strategy is wholesaling, that is all I do...
When I first got started in wholesaling I purchased a REO course from a GURU, I will not say their name. But I learned more about REO's from websites like BP and networking with other wholesalers, then I did in that 1k course. I call a lot of these real estate courses, "SWISS CHEESE" because they have a lot of holes in them. Good luck.

Boy I'm not a fan of the put a few thousand up front and hundreds a month for membership type of courses,mentoring,etc. It just reeks of greed through and through.

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