Long Island real estate

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Good day all as of late my team and I have been steady looking for great fix and flip opportunities in Suffolk / Nassau areas , any ideas out there where the best area to look for properties that need some TLC could be located. I have a construction background so we are not afraid of the really bad ones. Just curious how others have made out in the same boat. Thanks BP fam! 

Hey @Wilfred Hamlet , interesting question!

My first thought would be to find the areas with the oldest housing stock. Older properties are more likely to have deferred maintenance and wear and tear from years of entropy. This makes them great candidates for what you're trying to do. 

Looking at the data, it seems that the older housing stock, within the geographic area you're looking, are located more in the Nassau area. 

More specifically, I would concentrate my efforts on searching in the Hempstead/Garden City area. 

I have included a map visualization of the data I am using. The darker areas correlate with locations that have a lower median year built value, and thus larger selection of older housing stock. 

Thank you Art for the great feedback those areas seem to be the hottest right now as the Queens market is trickling into Nassau the homes on the borderline are goldmines at the moment. Just very hard to find a deal as they are all swallowed up quite quickly.