Leaking basement! Backyard re-grading contractor? (Richmond, VA)

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Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone knows of a landscaping (or other) contractor in the Richmond area that could re-grade a back yard? Looking for suggestions. I have family there who recently showed me water pouring through the basement wall of their house, literally shooting out like there was a hole drilled through the brick!

I assumed they need a sump pump... until I saw the backyard during that same rain. Huuuuge pool of water up against the house. The yard apparently slopes from the alley towards the house instead of vice-versa. 

Anyways, I'm hoping to find some recommendations on contractors who can do that sort of work for a reasonable price. Doesn't have to be dirt cheap (see what I did there), but decent quality work for a reasonable fee. 

Additionally, if you have other advice or suggestions, I'd welcome that as well. 

Thanks in advance!

Grading is an option. I have had great success with French Drains (google) I had a property in Ca and sometimes it rains furiously there and water would literally pour into the basement like someone turned a tap. I had a French Drain installed, basement became completely dry. No sump pump and no water. More recently I have a barn here in Western Wa where we get serious rain; the barn is at the bottom of a big hill and it was useless for storage..........I had a drain installed here too. Worked like a charm and did not drain my wallet ;<)). Talk to someone who knows about water entering buildings and preventing that, and listen to their advice.