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I have seen a lot of older posts regarding this, but I am hoping for some more recent responses in regards to which web domains are the best as well as the easiest hosting.  I am seeking a webpage for my business but also a squeeze page, so anyone experienced with getting those set up, your advice would be greatly appreciated.  

Most people used word-press.

Joe Gore

Account Closed Wordpress is great but I would also suggest checking out Squarespace. There are other alternatives to these as well.

How about domain name purchasing?

If all you want is a squeeze page then there are a couple of companies that specialize in just that. Google landing page design or designers. I wish I could remember the names of the two that I've used before. one is unbounce and there are others that are good as well.

Use wordpress for your main site

Account Closed might be talking about LeadPages.com and OptimizePress.com.  I haven't used either yet, but I'm very tempted.

Also some good domain registrars are Namecheap and Godaddy.

I use godaddy for everything hosting and domains. I've created squeeze pages with their product Instant Pages which is free with the domain you purchase.

@John Steele +1 for SquareSpace.

I work in ad/tech and I would recommend that most people never both with self-hosting a website (buying server space and managing the installation / maintenance of your site). It just isn't worth your time. Companies like Wordpress.com and Square Space will host your website for you, give tons of options to customize it, and, most importantly, ensure that your site doesn't go down and the software stays up to date.

That being said DO NOT buy a domain name through anything other than one of the main registrars. There are enough horror stories of companies holding domains hostage, charging an arm and a leg for renewal, etc that it just isn't worth it.

The two best registrars out there right now are namecheap.com and internetbs.net (silly name, great service).

@Derek Carroll and @Scott Costello have solid recommendations for landing page providers. If anyone is interested in doing easy A/B testing, I'd also highly recommend Visual Website Optimizer or Optimizely. Both are very solid services.

Account Closed 

Hey Jarred, I think the way to go would be to install wordpress from wordpress.org onto your hosting database. Then you can just find a landing page or squeeze page plugin that will easily install right onto your site. That way your not working with different logins, interfaces, etc. 

A lot of people complain about godaddy and theyre probably right, but so far theyve been alright for me. I just buy domains through them and hosting. I know there are probably better options out there but I couldn't tell you what they are.

I think Beau makes a good point that doing self hosting is more time consuming, but it really isn't that much more difficult, is usually cheaper, and gives you a lot more control. Just depends on what you prefer I guess.

I would look into the differences between the wordpress.org software and the wordpress.com all in one version and see what works best for you. Personally I think installing the .org version on your hosting account is the way to go, but that's whats best for me, and maybe not everyone.


For those that might be scared off from godaddy because of complaints...

The complaints are almost always related to the fact that they are constantly trying to "Up Sell" you.  It's annoying as hell!  But their service is rock solid for domain registering. 

Another complaint is that they charge an additional charge for having a Private Registration (hiding your who-is contact information).  

Also if you do register a domain with godaddy (or even renew one) always look for coupons.  A few times a year you'll find 99 cent domain registration for .Coms.  Great deal!

I have built a dozen websites on Wordpress and it is very straightforward.  Nice thing about it is that it looks pretty good out of the box and with a little simple code you can really get it looking very custom.  The design of it is also inherently very good for SEO purposes.

Like many others here I've also used GoDaddy but didn't like the constant upsell and have heard plenty of nightmare stories about poor customer service.  I use Hover.com for my domain registration and Bluehost.com for hosting.  I'd echo what @Beau Blinder   said about not hosting yourself. Bluehost, hostgator, or if you want a premium service WPEngine are all as good as most of us will ever need.  If you hit it big from there you can upgrade services.  

PM me if you'd like to talk more specifics....I'd be happy to help out.   

I'm made countless sites with WordPress so I vouch for it as well for this cause. 

Hosting wise, never use go daddy for anything. Period. Outside of the up selling and bad customer service, everything is proprietary and a nightmare when you get serious about your site. Use Bluehost.com, recommend them to countless users and currently have 10 sites with them. 

Domain registar, use namescheap. But I actually buy through Bluehost.com since they're not evil like Godaddy. 

Squeeze page, Google a landing page theme for WordPress and install it. I'm sure the theme will guide you on the setup. 

Hope this helps, feel free to msg me if you need more help. 

Use Powweb as your Domain registrar they are very easy to work with.

My experience,

Joe Gore

Search the internet for
"web hosting review" for comparison

Thanks for all the replies, I actually found some great youtube videos that break down pricing comparisons between the different hosting sites also.  Gotta watch out though, some of them are sponsored by the sites they are recommending!  No conflicts there...

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