Direction for good company with great inventory and API available to pull information

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Can anyone point me to the right direction for following?

I am trying to build application to pull property information and make decisions based on the data available for the house, neighborhood, properties sold around the same are ect….

What is the best fit company/API which can provide API data (XML/Jason) which does the following?

1. Base on zip code: Return list of Homes for sale, foreclosure, or other types.

2. Base on address give all details about the property. Example: Rooms, Bedrooms, parking, lot, community, School, History prices, history of owner. Public information, current broker and agents ect…

The planning is to create centralize database that will maintain all information for specific geographical area around where I live. Base on this data available utilize business intelligent tools to analyze key metrics to identify the value of the house and identify if will be good investment. The application will be pull data in schedule to process the information and base on rules include in the system will identify the properties that make sense to review in more detail and having all this information centralized to make an investment decision.

I being looking at which they have many resources.

Thanks in advance.

Hey, what did you decide on? I'm looking putting something similar together.

Also would be interested in building something similar. Let me know how this goes or if you'd like to collaborate. 

So far, I've just been scraping market data from city-data and then using v-lookups in excel to score individual properties. 

@Sam Gaddis @Michael Hendricks

Im thinking of doing the same and maybe a step further.

Would you guys like to chat and see if we can share some ideas and possibly work on this project together?



Guys, maybe even take this one step further...make a slack / IRC channel so we can talk about this in quasi-real time. Not sure this forum is the best place to have a long winded back and forth.

Im in

PM me your emails and I'll add you to the Slack room

Never got the invite. We will be lunching prototype within the next 6 months for Palm Beach area only. Let me know if you want to be part of the beta testing I will send you links during beta testing.

Did this for local NOD/NTS notices.


  • separate data selection from analsys/reporting - - the are different things
  • post process the inputs to a common CSV
  • now you can use Excel as your reporting engine

How is the process going with this? It would be cool to see the progress and challenges.
  I was looking at doing something similar, but going even further with machine learning, some graph databases and so on.  The biggest challenge is some data is just not free or hard to get or half the time you will be fixing bad data or in some circumstances a local county doesn't even have data online.   That might mean manually entering info all the time.

@Johnny Cardena, how did the beta testing on your prototype go? I'd be interested in participating.

I am planning to do something along the same lines,May I get access to the slack channel please?

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