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Does anyone have experience with outsourcing WordPress website generation?  I have browsed through ODesk and ELance but would love to have a recommendation of an individual or team who is capable.  I can fiddle through it myself but it is not an efficient use of time.  Any recommendations or suggestions would be great, thanks!

Great topic!    Been working on the same problem for a few years.   My challenge is finding someone that really gets it.   

Following intently :-).  

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I know a couple wordpress developers that have done several REI sites. Let me know if you are interested. I can maybe PM them to you.

 I'm interested in those developers.

I would recommend not going with the 'cheap' options.  Having someone who know web development/ design look over their portfolio before you pull the trigger. If you post up a few portfolios I'd be glad to give an opinion.

I've just engaged someone to develop my site using Wordpress.  I have been impressed with his portfolio and will be glad to share his info, as well as the final results of mine that should be up in the next month or so.  PM me if you are interested. 

Odesk and Elance are fine.. post a job and just pick the person that looks the best and responds to you well. It does take time. I would suggest going with a THEME that you don't need to customize to much.

Websites won't make you money only your voice and fingers can do that. Money is made by phone calls and email. A good website can open the door and show that you are professional but that's about it. My site has been coming soon for years. I barely just got business cards and I have sold over 100 properties to people all over the world. Do I recommend my image carelesness? NO I don't but I also think it's not a good idea to stress over it. 

You get what you pay for. I wouldn't outsource anything except for basic web page construction. When it comes to white papers, ebooks or special reports I would hire someone good stateside. I noticed our online attendance dropped after we outsourced our writing to india and other places. We were keeping our people on our pages for 9 minutes and it dropped off to 2 minutes and even lower. Our worst was keeping people engaged on our pages for only .20 seconds. I had to pull the plug on it and hire writers to get us better content.

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