How do i start an App?

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Hey BiggerPockets,

 I have a question. Not sure if I can ask it here or not but if not just flag it. So my friend ran by me this pretty creative idea for an app. The thing is we have no knowledge on starting up a App. My question is , how/where do we get started? Who should we contact ? Any response to this would be greatly appreciated !

You mean writing an app for an iPhone or Android phone?

Question 1, are you a programmer?  I suspect not.

Question 2, do you want to be?  If so, there are resources to learn.  Its not just something you learn in a matter of days or weeks, but it you really want to, you can learn.

So, if you want to program it yourself, you certainly can.  Getting it onto the iPhone is a process you have to work through with Apple to get it into the app store.  IDK the process for android phones, but there is some process.

If you don't want to be a programmer, you have a couple of alternatives.  One is to develop the idea (i.e., create  storyboards showing the screens and flows, research the potential market, figure out pricing, etc.) and pitch the idea to an existing software company.  Or get on elance or other contract programming sites and hire programmers.  You'll still want to do the marketing and get it into app stores, but you can certainly hire people to write the code.

Realize the barrier to entry is VERY low for writing an app.  Its really easy for other folks to duplicate your app, especially if its a good idea and worth copying.  Copyright only protects the actual source code from being copied, not the idea.  Patents can protect the idea.  But getting a patent, especially a software patent, is expensive and time consuming. 

What problem does it solve?
How will people learn about it?

How will it monetize?

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