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I am working with a builder on doing several Spec Homes in my area. I am looking for an excel template or software that I can use to track the deal. I can create a basic spreadsheet but I wasn't sure if anyone already had a template I could work off of. We are doing the deal 50/50. He's doing the work and I am buying the land and getting a construction loan thru my local banker. This is my first time doing this and I want to be as organized as possible. The builder is using quickbooks on his end with a detailed project tracking spreadsheet. I am looking for something to use on my end that could track the investment cost, loan costs and profit. 

Why don't you ask the builder for his template and have him run through his process with you? That way you would both be on the same page so to speak and when each of you look at each others documentation you wouldn't have to struggle to interpret it. 

I hope that helps.

Great idea Michael. Kelley start using QuickBooks and ask him for an iif file for their Item list. All you have to do is import it into yours and vola!

You will have a good start.

Gita Faust

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