What do you use to create videos??

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I am fixing to start recording videos. Bought a studio setup last year as there was not a video and lighting place around. The possibilities on the internet are endless. I ended up selling the studio equipment because it was more for recording music and had a thousand adjustments with software.

I just want the best lapel mic out of the picture for sound quality and then the best lighting for plug and play person talking type recording. Money is not really an issue although I won't spend stupid money on it. Hard to find a local video person who will come out and tell you do this and this and get this and this and bam here is exactly what you wanted and now just record everyday.

Wanted some quality and background like this.

Do not know if I want the darker background:


Or the lighter that start off in this video.


I prefer the lighter background myself. 


What type of camera are you using? Do you know what editing program you will be using?

Sound is probably more important than the video for most internet type stuff. The type of camera may impact what type of mic system you use. Will you be using a DSLR type camera, or a more traditional video camera with proper mic inputs?

I paid a couple hundred bucks to Video Genesis for their online training videos. Exactly what I wanted. Yes, they'll pitch you later for other product offers but the training is a bargain. 

Check out B+H Photo online. They are NYC based and have been exceptional. 

For lighting, I suggest you go for the LED stuff and avoid the umbrella set up. 

I don't know what your budget for lav mic's however you can pay from from $10 to $500+ for nice Sennheiser stuff.

However, I changed tack several weeks ago. 

This last Friday I recorded my first two podcast audio interviews. It's not the cost of investing the equipment that caused me to hire a professional audio engineer but the time to fiddle with everything. I want to be the talent because I choke as a tech guy.

So, I hired a guy to record and edit as well as add the FX and music tracks. 

Yes, I live in So Cal where music, film and entertainment people abound, however I did not want to have to think about how the product gets made, only show up and be the Johnny Carson, not the boom operator.

Thanks everyone.

Past few years tried to do the website myself. This time have  a professional company doing it. I am still working on it the next few weeks and then will be ready to do the videos.

Looked at video last year. Had a blue spark mic, presonus pre-amp, I think it's called BX 20 or something studio speakers, shure headphones, and studio one software program. For video I have cheap Logitech webcam. I set to external speaker but the softwares kept clashing. My computer is only 1 year old and I 5 processor with Lenovo so can handle any recording stuff.

You can get lost in the software stuff and it's all Greek to me. I ended up selling that new equipment to music guys last year. It was just too over whelming and taking too much time.

I don't like the microphones in the picture. I don't know if a mic above you on a stand is best or a lapel mic. I am not against getting the best mic like a seinheiser.

What I desire basically is to set up the proper lighting, backdrop, and sound quality so that I can record everyday to answer a 3 minute video roughly. I don't want to spend an hour each time messing with settings. I would rather buy more expensive equipment if it does sound quality already for me. All kinds of music stores here but no sound places and they have no clue about this stuff.

Basically I need to find someone local who will come and tell me what I need and get it done for me etc. that is a video/audio person. I don't mind upgrading the webcam to something else as well. 

Hi Joel,

We use Camtasia for recording QuickBooks video screens  - very easy to use and Blue for recording audio.

The person who helps like to use Adobe - so we purchased the Suite and love it. I just know enough to mess things up.

Gita Faust

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