Real Estate and Other Data Sources for Big Data project

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Hey Folks, Data nerd here. I originally posted this is innovative strategies forum but i think this forum might be a better home for this topic. Looking for as many publicly available (free) real estate data sets as I can get my hands on. I'm also interested in curated reports or data that may be related to the real estate market (Commercial info, sales in other markets, jobs reports, retail store locations). I'm currently working on merging or overlaying home value, rent, school ratings, state census info for fun. I'd love to take advantage of larger companies marketing and planning. I bet a company like Whole Foods is pretty sure an area is going to grow in population and/or income before they drop a new location.

Let me know if you're aware of any data sets like the ones I mentioned above. I'm specifically interested in data sets in the Massachusetts and Rhode Island but national sources are good too. What do you use to do your research?  

@Bobby Thompson - You are right that a company like Whole Foods does some market analysis before they open up a new store.  Most likely, they look at pop. density, pop. growth, income levels, etc. to make sure they align with their strategy.  However, most of these data sources, at that granular of a level, are not free.  These companies pay big money for that data.  I am following this topic, though, as this is something that I have asked about in the past but have come up mostly empty.  

@Bobby Thompson , came across this old thread while searching for Rhode Island. I have been trying to develop something that combines different data like household income, median home price, school rank, etc. I posted something about this at

That lens was more focused on suburban SF but I'm also interested in developing something for MF. For SF the school quality had seemed more important to me at first but other posters said the market is so hot that anything decent is selling.

Since I posted I found some other free data sites I'll be investigating over time (I also want to avoid analysis paralysis):

This has all kinds of stuff on population projects by age range (eg 20-34), income, crime. I love data and that thing is overwhelming me.

Shows upcoming development projects in Mass towns. The data export is hard to deal with at first glance.

I haven't found a school data set I can easily export into Excel. This was the closest

Not sure if you're on BP anymore, but maybe other data geeks might see this

@Jason King , see my reply, are you still following this topic? Have you made any progress? Many thanks

@Jennifer Stillman Hello Jennifer! I just reopened my account yesterday and saw your post. I was on a pretty long hiatus because my organization was acquired by a larger company and I have been heads down trying to integrate. Things are starting to calm down now and I have a lot of capital to invest, so I'm back! Haven't looked into this type of data in a while but I will definitely be diving back in. I will pass along whatever I find. PM me and let me know how the prices are in London!

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