Seeking a Cloud based CRM with voice, text, email daily drips

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I've been trying to get by with Highrise (CRM) with MailChimp (email)  and Call Loop (voice and text) integrations. The issue is that Call loop will not integrate with Highrise and therefore all my text and voice campaigns aren't updated to contacts. 

I'm looking for a unified solution that combines a CRM with voice broadcast (just delivering a message to voice mail boxes or to live answers), text messages and email marketing. I would prefer not to set triggers or multiple campaigns per lead list. I could maybe do one integration if it worked how I have described below but messing around with multiple integrations is not giving me what I need. 

Just upload a contact list and they are hit daily with voice broadcasts, texts and emails until A. I get a follow up or B. they unsubscribe. In a perfect world I could update or add a new contact and they would be added to these marketing campaigns. 

I've spend several hours researching different 'solutions' to no avail. Curious if the experts here know or use anything similiar to what I have described. 

Thanks for your time. 

Sounds like you're looking for a custom solution. Which I feel is better than an off-the-shelf product.

With that said, you can have someone make a system to allow each of the products you're using to talk to each other or see if some existing integration for what you're currently using in Zapier (decent learning curve...).

Not sure about Call Loop but, Twillo is more popular for integrating in other applications.

Overall sounds like you wanted an automated contacting system, is that right?

I could help if you like, worked on a few systems like this.