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Does anyone use password managers? And would you recommend any one in particular? My password list has gotten to be waaayyyy out of control!!! It's like i have to guard that notebook with my life!! Thanks for any suggestions.

@Susan M. I like Lastpass.  I think the free version allows you to use it on 2 devices.

@Susan M.

Been a huge fan of 1Password for years. Once you make the switch it's hard to understand how you lived without it. These days, with the amount of important accounts (finance, banking) we all have access to, this should be a no-brainer.

I use LastPass as well. Tried to switch to Dashlane when Logmein bought out LastPass but wound up going back. It's only $12 per year for premium, but we'll see how long that lasts under the new owners whom have a history of monetizing their acquisitions. With premium, every thing syncs via the cloud. I swear by it and trust their security, but not as much as I did before they sold out.

I'm a web developer and the two that routinely get recommended to me are 1Password and LastPass.

Thanks for the great suggestions. I will start looking at these and hopefully get started with one ASAP. I kept putting it off, but the time has come. I was not sure how secure they would be, but they have to be more secure than my notebook! 

I use last pass and it works great. Only problem is that the add in that lest you work directly from the browser does not currently work on Microsoft Edge for Windows 10.

@Sean Holmer.   And of course I have Windows 10 ( not that i'm any good with it yet!) So i will definitely keep that in mind as i am researching, thanks! Technology and I are not best friends, but we tolerate each other.

Hi @Susan M.  I also use LastPass. It does allow access through the cloud. My only complaint is that it is next to worthless on my Android device. Otherwise, I am very happy to not mess with passwords anymore!

@Susan M. , it does work with Windows 10, just not the Edge browser, yet. I still use Internet Explorer 11 primarily because LastPass is more important to me than Edge. You can use Chrome or Firefox with Windows 10 as well to access LastPass. Or you can just use it via the web which I am forced to do at work. That is not nearly as powerful or useful as the add-ins though.

@Bryan O. , what's your issue on android? I've found it to be OK. My only real complaint is the dialog box that keeps popping up asking if I want to use LastPass. I suspect there is a way to tame that but haven't bothered to figure it out yet. Otherwise, I can add sites, autofill, etc. etc.

Hi @Edward B. my issue on Android is that it doesn't work for every single installed application that I have. I don't browse the web on my phone, so tying into the web browser doesn't matter to me, but it seems like the hooks that allow it to interface with an app are permanently broken. I think it is an Android thing because every time I want to use it I have to re-enable the option for it to hook into apps, but I think the setting is never allowed to save. Not sure if the issue is with LastPass, Android, ATT, or HTC.

Maybe I'll just join the one-world order (apple) because freedom of choice, ability to expand, and need to troubleshoot is just too difficult to handle  ;)

Meldium has worked great for us. I love their Chrome extension.

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