I use Zaps to automatically track communication w/ Insightly

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So I built a way to automatically track SMS and voice messages with Insightly. If you aren't tracking your communication with people (or at least scheduling it) you're probably missing out. I use Insightly to manage my contacts and plan out/track prospecting. You can also track your leads' email, web and phone responses to your advertising.

This technique will probably work for Podio just fine, and it will have to be customized based on what you're trying to do. Insightly isn't as flexible, so this is a good general guide.

Here's a list of the technologies at work:

-Insightly: Great CRM, but not built for tracking phone communications. Not built for REI, either.

-Google Voice: Get text and voice messages in your email and on your phone.

-Zapier: Connects platforms (like Google Voice and Insightly).

Quick tutorial that's missing a ton of detail - get in touch if you decide to do this and you need help:

Step 1: Register for accounts. You'll need a separate account for Zapier's Parser (parser.zapier.com).

Step 2: Set up two email addresses on Zapier's Parser - one for voicemail and one for texts.

Step 3: In your Google Voice settings, direct your email notifications to a Google email address. Address voicemail notifications to the other. You will need to use either filters (personal GMail) or the Admin panel (G-Suite, formerly Google Apps) to do this. Search for how to redirect email or ask me, but you're looking to redirect anything from txt.voice.google.com to your SMS email address, and anything from no-reply-at-voice.google.com to your voicemail address.

Step 4: Create some contacts, leads and organizations out of your friends and get them to send you texts and voicemails to your Google Voice account. We need these to test. Make sure that the phone numbers you store for your friends are numbers only, no spaces or dashes or anything else. This is a limitation with Insightly's phone number storage system and API.

Step 5: Since you've got voicemail and text notifications, go to Parser and make templates. This will make sense when you do it, but make sure to name the phone number variable the same thing (ex: phone_number).

Step 6: Make your first Zap! Login to Zapier and create a Zap. Make the trigger a new email to the text-notification email address.

Step 7: In the next step, turn the phone_number variable into numbers only. Select Code as the app, choose Python, and run this code:

import string my_number = input_data['phone_number'].encode('ascii', 'ignore') all = string.maketrans('','') nodigs = all.translate(all, string.digits) number = my_number.translate(all, nodigs) output = {'number': number}

Step 8: Run a GET request using the Webhooks app on Insightly's API v2.2 to find the contact with phone_number = number (from the previous step). If you don't understand this, get help!

Step 9: Add a filter after Step 8: only continue to run if you find a contact (Contact_ID).

Step 10: Add a note! Select Insightly as the next app, click new note, and fill in the blanks! Link the note you create to the Contact_ID you found in Step 8.

Now all text messages from your contacts' phone numbers will be automatically added as notes!!

Step 11-20: Copy the Zap you just made three times. Change it up for Organizations and Leads first. Leads will need a POST call to the API for the previous Step 10 (instead of native integration). The third modification to the Zap is a little different. Search for Contacts, then Organizations, then Leads. Add a filter: if there is no Contact_ID, Lead_ID, or Organisation_ID, make a task instead!

Step 21-30: Copy all four of the Zaps you have once. Change and rename each to reference the voicemail-notification email address in Parser (see Step 6). Rejigger the note to make sense. Done!

Now you will have all texts and voicemails to your Google Voice number automatically added to Insightly!

Again, get at me with questions. I hope this helps... anyone.

Love seeing an advanced tutorial on here. if you have time make it more in depth, add some source code, or do a video walk through! 

Side question. Why use Insightly if it's not flexible and not meant for REI? Converting to Podio or a similar tool shouldn't be too difficult.

@Major Robertson I used to use Insightly and now use Podio. Neither one are meant for REI but out of the box Insightly is so much easier to use. Insightly comes with set data fields in its apps which are designed for small sales companies (and most likely will be empty fields in REI) but you can still add more fields like in Podio but it is limited in the free version while Podio is unlimited in its free version.

Insightly also has the ability to track email comunication. You can tell if someone opened your sent email and if you are sending email from outside Insightly you can bcc: directly into a contact, or lead or opportunity. Podio cannot do that.

Insightly also has a much better visual representation of a deal pipeline than Podio.

But, Podio is much more adapable to REI even though the learning curve is steep. And now that Globiflow is now available with the cheapest Podio monthly paid plan Podio now can become a much better CRM at a low cost.

Still if you want to be up and running with a CRM today, don't want to pay anything and don't mind not following the REI Podio trend I'd recommend Insightly because it's so damn easy.

@Guy Olds

It's news to me that Globiflow is now available with the cheapest plan!! Thanks!

I like the contact management aspect of Insightly, but I missed the flexibility of Podio.

For everyone out there, I don't use the approach I outlined above anymore... I'm actually looking into Twilio instead of Google Voice because it has much better triggers in Zapier and it seems to be a more robust platform.

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