Rentometer for home sale prices?

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Does anyone know of anything that does what Rentometer does for home sales reports? 

I just discovered rentometer and I really like its reporting features. I'm using it to help me identify ROI on potential properties. Now I just need something that does the same thing for previous sale prices.

Zillow does show past property sales, but I have to click on each property sale one at a time. It doesn’t do a report based on distance and time like Rentometer does.

Originally posted by @Brandon Reed :

Hey Thomas. Are you working with a Realtor? They can get you the list you are looking for. They can look up previous sales in a given area that you an run a variety of calculations based off of.

I'm trying to find a tool that will allow me to analyze many properties over a vast area without having to wait on a realtor. Right now, I'm using Zillow with the filter set to only show sold properties on the map. It works, but it would be nice to have a reliable tool without all the work. My goal is to be able to analyze many properties as quickly as possible.

I get where you are coming from, but I think you may need to find a Realtor who is more able to help you in "real time". A good Realtor should be able to respond quickly and be attentive to your requests (of course as long as they are reasonable).

That being said, there are certainly softwares out there that can spit out CSV files of all sales in a given area and what they sold for. Most require paid subscriptions, but just know that they are out there for non-agents to use.

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