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This may have an obvious answer, so please excuse me if it has been answered.

I am interested in compiling the name and address of property sellers, ideally daily.

Is there a simple way to get a list of sellers and their names on one site?  Or, so I need to look up homes on a site, then go to another to research their name?

I am interested in doing this for a large volume of properties, so I'd rather find one website that has both.

Do realtors have access to that info in MLS, and if I had a relationship with a realtor, could their daily automated email include that info to me?

In my market everything is on the county appraisal district. You can find the county’s appraisal value, the ownership information, and then you can contact the owner from there. Reach out anytime if I can help more.

Thanks for the reply.  Let me ask a more specific question.

I know realtors can see a daily list of homes that have been placed on the market for sale.

My question is this...

Can the realtor also see the name of the homeowner?  And if so, can the names and addresses be easily exported into Excel for example. 

I need the names and addresses of homes that go on the market each day. If this is possible I will look to create a JV with a realtor.

@Michael V. I can tell you how that works in my county. 

I think the MLS database has a list of properties that go on the market daily. If I know the county where the property is located, then I can type the address in the county GIS website and retrieve the name of the entity that owns the property. Not all properties are owned by an individual.

If the address of the owning entity is local and it is a person, then it is easy. If it is owned by an entity (LLC, ...), then it can be found at the secretary of state website. From that website, you can find the name of the persons who manage it, then continue from there. As you can tell, if can get quite tricky if you want to do it manually on a daily basis.

I'm sure there are websites who aggregate the information. reonomy.com is one of them, but as you can imagine ... it is not free. 

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