Profit and Loss Software

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Hello BP!

Does anyone have a program that serves as their Profit and Loss Statement that they love? If so, what is it called?

Just to clarify my question: What I am currently using is an excel spreadsheet that I downloaded. It worked great for inputting the properties that I had but as we are expanding, I am spending way too much time moving columns around to create space to input the info for my new property. And I really don't like how long it is getting - having to scroll all the way across the page to see my totals. I really like spreadsheets and using formulas, but I know someone has created something that will make this part of my job much simpler. Any programs or software that you are using - I'd love to check it out! Thanks in advance!

Hi Jackie,

I think there are many software tools out there that do a good job.  For example, quicken rental property manager, buildium, appfolio, realpage...etc.  Depending on how many doors you need to manage and cost vs benefits, you may want to chose one of them.