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Hello everyone!  I personally am a full time real estate invesor doing flips along with buy and hold mulifamilies.  Just got my real estate broker license and setting up the foundation to the broker and want to get everything set up properly via necessary online software/programs.  Would like some insite of different program packages others have used to start their brokerage.  From my research, there is no one program that does EVERYTHING.  What programs would you recommend that would encompass everything needed for a well operated brokerage?


Document organizer / storage




Any feedback helps!

Good morning Brian,

I like using dotloop- we have all of our real estate forms (offer sheet, listing agreements, disclosure forms, etc) on this program and they have an e-signature feature. Makes it easy to send documents to clients...

As a CRM, we use 'Seize the market'- it organizes all of our leads, syncs to google calendar and even has a dialer feature which is super convenient. We upload all of our call lists on there and it saves us a ton of time.

Accounting- For a simple tool you can use taxbot or realtyzam... they have mobile apps that help you keep track of mileage and expenses. Quickbooks works well too.

I hope this helps...

best of luck to you!


I like Paperless Pipeline for my file storage system. But Dotloop is more robust and you can do e signatures in there.

I tried out Docusign and can't wait until it expires to get Dotloop again. 

I'm surprised by all the dotloop fans. My experience with dotloop was awful. It's been a couple of years, but I won't ever use that again.

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