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Fellow Investors,

I'm looking for a very good CRM that's geared toward multifamily investors.  I'd like something that makes tracking multifamily leads and follow-up with owners and brokers extremely easy.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thank you! 

@Baze M. In terms of plug and play, no, but I did a lot of research into something I could tailor to my needs. It pretty much came down to Hubspot or Insightly. I was going to go with Hubspot but you had to have a website so I am giving Insightly a whirl for now. I know of a relatively large MHP buyer that uses it to manage their stuff.

@Baze M. We use the free version of Podio.  It works well for now.  I just recently learned that Rent manager has a CRM section that I looked over briefly and it looks decent.  I can't say I would buy Rent Manager just for that but if you have investment properties Rent Manager is a great software that comes with a CRM that looks pretty good at a glance.  

Thanks for the input guys. I’m going give Podio a whirl. I’ve actually tried Hubspot a little bit ago but they seemed a bit intrusive on my platform. I ended up deleting/uninstalling them altogether. 

Thanks for the Rent Manager shout out @Paul Stout ! Yes, Rent Manager does have a customizable CRM and we actually use this feature ourselves in the office, along with the built-in accounting features. If you have any questions regarding the CRM capabilities, feel free to send me a PM. 

I have no issue touting Rent Manager @Kari Barnett .  I am currently going through the implementation training with Lisa and so far this system is the best I have seen for what I am doing.  

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