Ways to Access the MLS

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Hello BP Community:

What are the different ways that an investor to get access to the MLS other than obtaining a license?

Thank you for any constructive feedback.



You can become an assistant to someone that has access.  That is how I started.  I needed the access to run comps, verify data, etc for them.  

There is also a company called REMINE that will soon be open to all agents and investors. REMINE is quickly growing and being implemented into the MLS systems nationwide. The most notable recent integration was here in the DC with the Bright MLS.

REMINE is a UI overlay that centralizes big data in one place.  It's worth a Google search to check out some of the demo's and such.  I have been using it for my mailers and research lately. 

Full Disclosure: I am a seed investor in REMINE.

MLS allows non-realtors to have access to MLS legally.

Sam, how can I gain access to the MLS if I’m not a realtor?

You can be an appraiser, a marketing company, lawyer. Some can access the homes with a key as a member.

Want freebie?  You use non-professional version or Realtors.com, Zillow like everyone else.

Full price. 

Appraiser, RE lawyer, assessor etc.

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