Solar Roof or Simple Roof

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Hi, roof of my house is very old, I was planing to replace it

but someone advised me that it's better to have solar roof, so I am confused should I go for simple roof or Solar roof,just wondering if somebody can advise in detail about pros and cons for both of them..Thanks

home is in Bayonne, NJ

Depends on where you are and the purpose of the property. If it were my property, unless I wanted to do it for philanthropic reasons, I would look at the cost of the solar roof vs. traditional roof, the benefits, and the payback before I proceeded. 

It depends on how long are you planning on staying there. You can get compensated in CA if you have this type of roof but not sure about NJ.  

Are you a tree hugger or like being sustainable?  If the roof is for a rental then will YOU (not tenant) see your money back in 3 years or less? Then yes.  If this will benefit the tenant; then I would pass.  If this is for your primary house and YOU will see your money back in 7 years (max), they yes.  Are you planning on staying here +10 years?  It all comes down to cost and what you are willing to spend. 

In 2020, new homes in California will require them.

I will be living there at least 5 years, benefit will go to me , not tenants. even after 5-7 year I can move to another home, but will keep this property as rental.

@Raj G. The benefit of going solar at the same time as a roof replacement is that the Federal Tax Credit (currently 30%) applies to the roof as well as the solar system. In other words you receive a 30% tax credit on the solar system as well as a 30% tax credit at the least on the roof that is under the solar system (full roof 30% depends on the advice of your CPA).

Couple that with the roof now becoming a producing asset and offsetting the utility bill instead of a liability and the increase in appraised home value assuming the solar system is not leased then going solar makes a lot of sense at the same time as replacing/repairing a roof.