Looking for software recommendation to manage marketing campaigns

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We have multiple list sources that we have to stack and de-dupe, and multiple campaigns that we have to manage.  We market through multiple channels (direct mail, phone, facebook, SMS).  Managing this through Excel and Access is awful.

We are looking for software or a service to simplify this process, and we don't mind spending some money on it!

Michael, thanks for the reply and advice!

We currently use InvestorFuse for our CRM.  Right now, we only load our inbound calls into it.  Should we be putting our list purchases into it and somehow trying to use it to manage our campaigns?

I have looked at the feature list for both InvestorFuse and CallText, and I am not seeing any features related to list stacking, list deduping, A/B split testing, or direct mail campaign management.

For the purpose of direct mail I would not load the contacts who are prospects into a CRM until they contact you. And you certainly shouldn't be manually loading them, that is time killing and consuming. 

Prospects will contact you several ways nowadays. 

calls,text, emails, chat, and webforms. which all need to be integrated into a CRM for ease of work flow. Everything coming in gets a tag which launches a campaign or series of events to do at a later date. And launches scripts for your inbound call takers.

A good CRM should have all of those as part of the solution and better yet it should be able to populate from past communication so you can see the history of contact.

Build a direct mail campaign to follow. once done it is very simple to manage in calltext.