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I wanting to target multiple cities/markets and want to create multiple domain names/websites that all forward to my main site (so I don’t really have to create a new site for each domain). Does anyone know the best way to do this? I know there is masking/forwarding/different ways to potentially do this but want to know the best way and don’t want to negatively effect my site somehow. Thanks in advance!
Originally posted by @Jeff Mason :

Set up domain redirects with your domain registrar. Only the domain you are forwarding to will rank in search results. 

You're better off creating working 2-3 page websites for each market then redirecting one of those pages to an equivalent page on your primary domain. Otherwise your redirected market specific domains will never rank in search results and there will be no point in having them. 

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I'd counter the redirect with an alias. When you do a redirect users will see the address bar change to the URL they're being directed to. This could lead to suspicion on the users behalf if they're not understanding why this is happening. Using an alias avoids this behavior.