Roof - The App for Roommates Thoughts

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Hello, I am looking into starting my investment career and after hearing Brandon mention this product on a podcast I've been very interested to hear some feedback on what people think. This product is available on the app store or here. It looks like a brilliant software for landlords and tenants to use to track maintenance requests, handle complaints, and process payments. I am setting it up and experimenting with it's services but I'm so new to real estate I want some experienced people to give me some of their thoughts. If anyone knows about this service and has some advice for me please let me know! Thank you!
@Nathan Mills How do you encourage tenants to use it? Do you mandate it or offer a discount for using roof to pay for rent / fee to pay in another form. Do you use it to manage maintenance tickets also or just rent?

With new tenants I just tell them this is how rent is paid and how maintenance requests are conveyed. They love and appreciate it. Even if they are paying the $2. Larger groups really like the roommate side of the app.  With current tenants that I am trying to switch over I ask them politely to switch, I pick up the $2 cost and they seem to like the convenience of not having to write a check and getting the rent reminders. It typically takes a few reminders but they end up doing it. I can see it taking a full turnover cycle to get everyone on board if you don't nag them a bit. Millennials can be "busy" so snagging their attention can be a challenge. Ironically one of the reasons I love the app (once my tenants start using it) is because it moves communication out of email and straight to 'notifications' which millennials are more likely to respond to then emails or phone calls. 

I definitely use the maintenance feature. Roof ends up being a automatically curated todo/reminders list app for me on my phone and a way to keep an eye on the broader details of my portfolio on the web. I can open the app and see who needs attention, or that everything is running smooth. So nice.