BP cell app improvements

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Not sure if this is the right section to post in but I can't find something fitting. This is about some issues with the BP phone app. When creating a post, the line breaks when writing the post do not stay when actually posting so everything gets combined into one giant paragraph. This post has three line breaks but it doesn't look like it (at least on the phone app). Is this a known issue that is going to be fixed?
Originally posted by @Quyen Nguyen :

@James Caruso On which page does this occur? Can you upload a screenshot so I can show it to the mobile team?

Seems to happen most on the "Newest" and "Trending" sections. I was just able to duplicate it by clicking on a topic, then going back to the "Trending" Section. See attached.

I personally don't use the app and just open BP using my web browser on my phone or Tablet...from what I've seen BP's website is very mobile responsive...

Besides having an icon on your home screen & receiving notifications what benefit does the BP app have that can't be accessed from the web version?