Anyone heard of AstroFlipping?

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Has anyone heard of astroflipping? Just watched the video by Josiah. Curious if anyone has done one of the 45 minute phone calls. Any thoughts on this or knowledge of this are welcome. 80 plus deals a month seems to good to be true.

@Matthew R Mcnulty I have not, then again I am not into the flipping side.  The name and the volume combined with all the hype out there as the cycle gets long in the tooth makes me suspect of anything guru/system related.  Buy good properties in stable areas and hold them for a long time, rinse and repeat.haha

Originally posted by @Don Konipol :

@Jay Hinrichs

The guru promises just get crazier!

 I just went right to  George Jetson wasn't that the name of their dog ?  :)

@Matthew R Mcnulty Josiah is doing nothing new, AstroFliping is just a marketing buzzword to get people to look at the specific technology product he's pushing, his App. Using the word "Flipping" will not get people like you to give him your email address to see the video while also building his email list, the additional step in this is getting registered users to sign up for the App. We are taught this strategy in Business school, It looks like he's either trying to get enough registered users to get Series A funding, or he's already received a small Series A fund and is now trying to beat his obligated milestones in order to get Series B funding. A typical hurdle for obtaining Series B funding is to achieve a large boost in registered users for your App.   

When I attend the larger REI conventions I see many companies pushing this concept of Wholesaling via an App or as you've been pitched to as "AstroFlipping". Most of the larger late night TV "We Buy Houses" commercial companies have all moved into this space as well, some have terrible Apps because they aren't really tech savvy and didn't want to spend the money, others really don't understand how important the algorithms are in the ingenuity of their platforms.

What he's trying to do is capture the portion of the flipping market that isn't aware of the latest use of technology products in the REI industry. There are Real Estate tech companies that have created Apps that do what traditional wholesalers use to do with Direct mail campaigns and Cold calling from list.

@Ray Johnson Thank you for the reply. I can understand that he is trying to lure people in to get people to register and then hopefully purchase his product. I have seen alot of ads lately promoting the latest greatest REI app. However, my question would be then if there is an app out there that truely replaces wholesalers and direct mail then why isn't everyone using it?


Matt McNulty

I myself just watched the video, case study, introduction- whatever you want to call it and I am skeptical as can be on this one. I agree with what @Ray Johnson said that most likely this a ploy to steer people towards the app especially the number of times he mentions how many times you do not need to pick up the phone- do not get how they are getting the deals signed to then wholesale and market without picking up the phone and doing all the "Front end" work. 

I just watched his video.  80 deals per month.  He had about 15 people in the picture with him.  I assume they work with him.  Meaning, incredible high fixed expenses with salaries, office rent, etc.  I am a flip lender and don't know anyone flipping (astroflipping) near this many deals per months.  ?????????????

I inquired and scheduled the 45min call just to see what it was about. They couldn't really go into detail about what it was they would do to help my business reach the next level without giving away the "secrets." It was all a pitch to purchase a course for $5,800. Then I said no and they said I could spread it into 4 payments of $1,450. I said no again and they said I could pay $1,000 a month for 6 months. At that point I was thinking they might as well just give it to me for $99 which is probably what its actually worth. They are also only in AZ, FL, and two other markets I forgot but I didn't see how it would apply to my market in Chicago and they couldn't tell me how it would either. The whole call was a validation of things I'm already doing and nothing that was actually new. Maybe I'm wrong and they are helping people in some way. I just don't have that kind of money to invest in YET another company promising to make me 6 to 7 figures per month. 

Here's an interview that Josiah did on Real Estate Disruptors. His investment company is KeyGlee, based in my market here in Phoenix. They actually do a lot of deals here. I thought it was worth the listen. 

In my case, they started pitching their fees under 20 minutes into the call. $7.8k or $5.8k if I sign up during the call. To add insult to injury, so to speak, their sales pitch was very, very uninspiring. They'll need to do better than that. A lot better. For a company with next to no reputation and no details about what the heck they were selling, free trial or money-back guarantee, etc. is the minimum they need to offer. For me, being a "nobody", this is how I sell my stuff (seller leads of verified vacant and tax delinquent homeowners), I send my clients names and contact numbers of homeowners who have actually returned my call or text, I charge NO upfront fees, my clients only pay me when/after they get a deal under contract.

I watched the case study and decided to do a little more Due Diligence. Read on through the thread.... Ray Johnson and Fola Sade, I think have hit the nail on the head. I am self taught on the computer (since the Commodore 64) and always looking for gadgets, apps etc. to make things easier, spending a lot of money over the years doing so.(I have learned to be a little more frugal" The bottom line is... "Watch & Learn" "Ask Questions" "Try not to make the same mistakes twice" "Do your Due Diligence" and "Enjoy what you are doing" "There is nothing more satisfying than a job well done and having people admire your work".

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