how can i use for remote units

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I want to buy properties from and the properties are out of state, my question is: how can i join the auction or bid while i am remote? Is there any platform they use or agent i can hire for this?


@Mustafa Mo

I may not be understanding your question. is an on line auction platform. You bid on line. What difference does it make as to where you’re located?

You set up a profile/login.  Then you bid.

Be advised that the property preservation specialists of the homes don't always preserve the foreclosed properties well.  Sometimes, they are downright derelict.  

So when bidding on any house regardless of location, plan on and prepare for anything/everything to be wrong.

@Mustafa Mo As a buyer you can bid on Some other auction platforms require an agent license to bid, but not You should be able to bid on any property regardless of where you are physically located when you make the bid.

I'm thinking you should bid what you know.  One advice I have is most often, except in the rarest of circumstances, is don't bid on it if you don't see it first.   Unless there is some kind of option period where if you win, you can go see it, then back out and get your money back if you don't like it.  Google maps/street view can help you eliminate properties, but they are not always your fiend on knowing which ones to bid on.   Plenty of times I've seen a decent house on street view only for it to be gone when I get there.  Not sure if they burned, got torn down by the city, or some other crazy incident, but there is fresh tilled dirt when I get there.

Some homes you can see inside, some are occupied and they advise not to disturb the tenants.